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Food process engineering is the technology of transforming biological starting materials (of plant or animal origin) into foodstuffs that are suitable for consumption. The processes must be designed in such a way that the products are of optimal hygienic, sensory and nutritional quality until they are finally consumed by the consumer, that they have optimal usage properties, and that they can be produced in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.

All methods of process engineering and biotechnology are used for this purpose, so that you as a student learn on the basis of concrete products which of the processes you are already familiar with from special lectures are to be applied and designed in what way.

Food process engineering offers interfaces to other areas of life sciences (biotechnology, biopharmacy, cosmetics, agricultural engineering).

We offer courses for students of bioengineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, process engineering as well as food chemistry.

The range of courses in food process engineering includes

  • Processes and process chains for food from animal raw materials

  • Processes and process chains for food from plant raw materials

  • Selected formulation technologies with the sub-courses

    • Excipients and effect materials
    • Emulsifying and dispersing
    • Drying of dispersions
  • Food biotechnology
  • Development of a novel food product (Ecotrophelia / Registration)
  • Food science and functionality
  • Profile subject food technology
  • Process engineering basics using the example of food processing (for
    LmCh, WiWi, and NWT)
  • Especialization on process engineering basics using the example of food processing (for
    LmCh, WiWi, and NWT)

We participate with examples in the process engineering fundamentals and advanced practical course.

An overview of the lectures with module description can be found in the Campus Management for Students.

Current information on lecture dates, venues and lecture notes can be found on the KIT student portal.

Parallel to the lectures, the institute offers students the opportunity to participate in

to deepen the knowledge. In addition, regular excursions take place to gain insight into the industrial practice of food process engineering.

The course offerings of Food Process Engineering are evaluated by the students every semester.

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