Nico Andreas Friedrich

Dr.-Ing. Nico Leister

  • Postanschrift: Kaiserstr. 12
    Liefer- und Besucheranschrift: Gotthard-Franz-Straße 3
    Geb. 50.31, 4. OG
    D-76131 Karlsruhe

About myself

During my studies of chemical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, I dealt with various aspects of chemical processes, measurement methods and food functionality. I completed my master studies with a thesis on the topic of “process-related material properties of protein-starch systems“. At the end of 2017, I started my doctoral studies as part of my work as a research assistant in the Food Process Engineering group.

Research focus

My research focuses on the characterization and stabilization of water in oil in water (W/O/W) double emulsions. One big challenge is to describe instability mechanisms causing the loss of the inner water phase, such as coalescence and diffusion. Those effects depend strongly on the formulation of the emulsions. For this purpose, the interactions between lipophilic and hydrophilic emulsifiers at W/O and O/W interfaces and their influence on the stability are measured.


The double emulsions are prepared in a two-step-process. Therefore, I use different emulsification techniques (e.g. Rotor-Stator-Systems, High-Pressure-Emulsification and Membrane-Emulsification). To characterize the double emulsions’ structural and functional properties, I mainly use laser diffraction and microsopy. In addition, I investigate the interfacial properties and rheological behavior of double emulsions. Furthermore, I observe coalescence and diffusion processes with a high-speed camera on single droplets in double emulsions.

Aktuelle Angebote für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten


Possibilities and limits of modeling cavitation in high-pressure homogenizers – a validation study
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2024. Chemical Engineering Science, 283, Art.-Nr.: 119405. doi:10.1016/j.ces.2023.119405
Influence of Rapeseed Oil on Extruded Plant-Based Meat Analogues: Assessing Mechanical and Rheological Properties
Saavedra Isusi, G. I.; Pietsch, V.; Beutler, P.; Hoehne, S.; Leister, N.
2023. Processes, 11 (7), Art.-Nr.: 1871. doi:10.3390/pr11071871
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2023. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 15 (13), 17195–17210. doi:10.1021/acsami.3c00281
A comprehensive methodology to study double emulsion stability
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Monitoring of Osmotic Swelling Induced Filling Degree Changes in WOW Double Emulsions Using Raman Technologies
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Phasenübergänge emulgierter Fette und deren Einfluss auf Instabilitätsvorgänge und die Makrostruktur kristalliner Dispersionen
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2023, March 14. Jahrestreffen der DECHEMA-Fachgruppen Hochdruckverfahrenstechnik (2023), Bochum, Germany, March 13–15, 2023
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2023, March. Jahrestreffen der DECHEMA-Fachgruppen Kristallisation, Grenzflächenbestimmte Systeme und Prozesse und Mechanische Flüssigkeitsabtrennung (2023), Frankfurt am Main, Germany, March 9–10, 2023
Coalescence phenomena in double emulsions examined via models with different droplet sizes
Leister, N.; Karbstein, H. P.
2022, June 29. 18th European Student Colloid Conference (ESC 2022), Szeged, Hungary, June 26–30, 2022
Instabilitätsmechanismen in Doppelemulsionen aufgezeigt am Beispiel mikrofluidisch hergestellter Tropfen
Leister, N.; Vladisavljević, G. T.; Karbstein, H. P.
2022, March 11. Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppen Lebensmittelverfahrenstechnik und Trocknungstechnik (2022), Frankfurt am Main, Germany, March 10–11, 2022
Diffusion and interaction of emulsifiers in double emulsions and their effect on the release of encapsulated substances
Leister, N.; Karbstein, H. P.
2021, September 6. 29th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2021), Online, June 14–16, 2021
Stabilisierung von Doppelemulsionen: Untersuchung der Emulgatorwechselwirkungen anhand von Einzeltropfenexperimenten
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2019, June 25. Formula X (2019), Manchester, United Kingdom, June 24–27, 2019
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