Dynamic Contact Angle Meter and Tensiometer (DCAT 21)

  • Description:

    The device is used for software-controlled determination

    - the contact angle of powders and fiber bundles as well as the adsorption behavior of liquids on wettable materials according to the Modified Washburn Method

    - of the dynamic contact angle and surface free energy on prismatic and cylindrical specimens according to the Wilhelmy method

    - the static surface and interfacial tension of liquids

    - the critical micelle formation concentration of surfactants (CMC) according to the Wilhelmy plate method, Lenard bracket method or the Du Noüy ring method with automatic ring correction according to Huh & Mason, Zuidema & Waters, Harkins & Jordan

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  • Measurement method:

    Modified Washburn method
    Dynamic Wilhelmy method
    Wilhelmy Plate Method
    Du Noüy Ring Method
    Density measurement using the buoyancy method
    Sedimentation test