LVT – Open Day 2019 and 80th birthday Helmar Schubert

On 26 July our annual LVT Open Day took place under a special motto. In midsummer temperatures, employees and students of the institute celebrated the 80th birthday of Helmar Schubert together with former employees. Professor Schubert headed the LVT at the University of Karlsruhe from 1986 to 2004. In a lecture, the current LVT director Heike Karbstein recapitulated the scientific life and work of Helmar Schubert, gave details and anecdotes about the doctoral theses he had written and showed what has developed from them today. Helmar Schubert, too, amusingly recalled important stages in his life. Afterwards, all guests were invited to be guided through the laboratories and pilot plants at the various LVT locations by employees. In the evening there was a lot of room for networking and socializing at a Churrasco, a Brazilian grill speciality.