BLE: Functionalization of insect-based flours by extrusion processing for the applications in bakery products

The FAO forecasts a doubling in the demand of animal protein by 2050 due to the growing world population. Therefore, there is already an urgent need to identify and to make new and sustainable protein sources accessible. Insects are considered as alternatives due to their high protein contents and relevant levels of micronutrients. 
The project aims at development of insect-based formulations with innovate extrusion technology to be able to incorporate them into traditional bakery products without any negative effect on the sensory properties of these products. One of the main objectives of the project is therefore to determine the influence of extrusion processing on the technofunctional properties of pulverized larvae of the meal worm beetle Tenebrio molitor to modify the pulverized insect flours according to the needs of traditional bakery products. 
Physical, functional and microbial properties of the extrudates will be determined and extrudates with potentially good baking properties will be comminuted by dry milling and processed in varying proportions in the recipies for defined bakery goods. These will be evaluated in terms of their sensory and taste characteristics by internal panels. The insights gained are used to optimize the entire process chain and to design the final formulations. The final formulations are also validated by baking tests and sensory tests.       
The nutritional value of raw materials and bakery goods will be determined by analyzing their composition and content of micronutrients. Bioaccessibility of proteins and defined trace elements will be evaluated by a standardized in vitro digestion model. 

Video description of the project