Ulrike Schmidt

Dr.-Ing. Ulrike van der Schaaf

  • Gotthard-Franz-Str. 3

    Geb. 50.31, 4. OG

    D-76131 Karlsruhe

Scope of duties

  • KIT junior research group leader "Interfacial properties of pectin-based biopolymers"
  • Management of the research group and supervision of PhD students
  • Participation in the decision making processes of the Chair of Food Process Engineering
  • Acquisition and management of third party funding
  • University teaching as well as supervision of B.Sc. and M.Sc. students

Research topics

  • Relationship between molecular structure of pectins and their emulsifying and emulsion stabilizing properties 
  • Polysaccharide-based microgel particles - preparation, application as well as investigation of their technofunctional properties 
  • Investigation of the adsorption properties of hydrocolloid emulsifiers at liquid-liquid and solid-liquid interfaces 
  • Upcycling of side and waste streams of the food industry
  • Stabilization, structuring and texturing of emulsion-based food products 
  • Rheology and tribology of disperse food products
  • Encapsulation and targeted release of active ingredients using double emulsions


  • Lecture "Additives and active substances"
  • Team project "Development of an innovative food product"
  • "Seminar of food processing in practice with excursion"
  • Seminar "Food Process Engineering"
  • Seminar for PhD students
  • Seminar "Current research in emulsification technology"


  • KaTe-Prize 2017 (KATech Katharina Hahn & Partner GmbH)
    Prize for pioneering food research (successor of the G. C. Hahn research prize for young scientists)
  • GNT Young Scientist Award 2016 (2nd Prize) of the GNT Group
    Prize for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of food technology related to fruit and vegetable valorization; awarded at the 30th EFFoST International Conference 2016 in Vienna
  • Julius Maggi Research Award 2016 (2nd place)
    10th European PhD workshop on Food Engineering and Technology - Presentations of selected national PhD students at European level

Curriculum vitae

Since October 2020 KIT Junior Research Group Leader
Since March 2016

Senior Research Fellow/"Habilitandin"

Institute of Process Engineering in Life Sciences - Food Process Engineering (KIT)

22nd February 2016

PhD with distinction ("summa cum laude") 

"Citrus pectin as a hydrocolloid emulsifier: Emulsifying and emulsion stabilizing properties"

Feb. 2013 - July 2013

Research stay

Department of Food Science, Food Chemistry Section, Universität Kopenhagen, Dänemark

Dec. 2010 - Feb. 2016

Research Associate

Institute of Process Engineering in Life Sciences - Food Process Engineering (KIT)

June 2010 - Nov. 2010

Diploma thesis

Food Process Engineering Group, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands and

Institute of Process Engineering in Life Sciences - Food Process Engineering (KIT)

Oct. 2005 - Nov. 2010

Studies of Life Science Engineering (Dipl-Ing.)

Department of Chemical and Process Engineering (KIT)

Aug. 1996 - May 2005

Abitur ("A-levels")

Johann-Gottfried-Herder-Oberschule, Berlin