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Akademischer Oberrat


+49 721 608 48612

Gotthard-Franz-Straße 3
Geb. 50.31, 4. OG
D-76131 Karlsruhe


Dipl.-Ing. Marc Wittner

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Gestaltung effizienter Gefrier- und Trocknungsprozesse

room: 405
phone: +49 721 608 43785
fax: +49 721 608 45967
marc wittnerCfp9∂kit edu

Postanschrift: Kaiserstr. 12
Liefer- und Besucheranschrift: Gotthard-Franz-Straße 3
Geb. 50.31, 4. OG
D-76131 Karlsruhe

About me

After my school time in Heilbronn I decided to study food technology at the TU Berlin. I finished my studies with a thesis on spore inactivation by combined application of pulsed electric fields and thermal energy at Nestlé PTC Singen in 2014. Today, I am working in the framework of my doctoral studies as a research associate at the LVT. Thereby I am in charge of a project in the field of spray drying of foods with ‘effervescent atomization’.


Research interests

In my research I focus on possibilities to increase the efficiency of the spray drying process. Hereby I mainly concentrate on the effect of process parameters and nozzle design on the spray droplet size distribution after atomization as well as on particle size and particle properties after spray drying with ‘effervescent atomizers’. An ‘effervescent atomizer’ is a special, internal mixing, two-component jet. Inside this nozzle liquid and gas are merged in a mixing chamber before the nozzle outlet. In former experiments it could be shown, that with this atomizer it is possible to atomize liquids with higher viscosities at lower energy inputs levels, compared to other, typically used atomizers.



At the institute’s spray rig investigations on spray droplet size distributions can be conducted by use of a laser diffraction measurement system. Moreover a pilot scale spray dryer with a water evaporation rate of up to 20 kg/h can be used for drying experiments. Rheological properties of liquids as well as powder characteristics can be analyzed at the institute’s laboratories.


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