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Do you need know-how on emulsification for your team?

We can offer you a one-day in-house seminar in English.




The course includes:

  • Basic ideas of emulsification
  • Emulsifying agents (surfactants, stabilizers)
  • Quality criteria of emulsions and how to measure them
  • Preparation and formulation of emulsions
  • Stability of emulsions and measurement techniques
  • Overview of different emulsification technologies: rotor-stator, high-pressure homogenization, ultrasonic emulsification, membrane and microstructured systems, non-mechanical processes
  • application of emulsions in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry




The contents can be fitted to your challenges and requirements.

If you are interested, please contact us to get your individual offer.

email: hskDnc8∂lvt uni-karlsruhe de