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Emulsification Technologies

The group's current research ranges from exploring the basics of dispersion manufacturing to developing new processes and products. Thus, the flow in the machines, which are used to produce dispersions, is characterized with modern measuring technology. Based on these results, basics for describing disruption and stabilization are developed.


These data then serve to develop new devices and techniques as well as to develop new products. As an example, more efficient disruption units are developed and their service life determined. Based on this in-depth understanding of the process, new products such as nano-particles, agglomerates, core-shell nanoparticles, double and triple emulsions, and processes such as mini-emulsion polymerization, melt-emulsification, and emulsion precipitation are being developed to provide specific properties, e.g. to ensure the bioavailability of anthocyanins.


When the properties are specifically set, the droplet or particle size plays a very decisive role. New methods for determining the internal droplet size of a double emulsion by NMR are developed.

Our competences

Our group distinguishes itself by having a basic understanding and experience in the production of dispersions, in particular emulsions and suspensions. We have equipment that can determine all the major parameters involved in the process, a wide variety of apparatuses to produce dispersion and then the produced dispersion can be characterized by our highly motivated researchers with different approaches to advance the development from the basics to the finished product